Písecký královský

People sometimes tend to worry about things.

Running is what works for me. And as I am running from the old bridge in Písek towards the ice arena and to Smeták, I suddenly get the idea - wow, it is so beautiful in here, maybe other people might like running here as well. Why nobody runs here? Just me in my pink nylon jacket, all alone.

And why do I never run into other cuties and hunks? Well, time to time I happen to see someone, but why so few? I will organize a Marathon here, yeah! I will write to the mayor, yeah! And it will be BIG, yeah!

Well, this was the beginning, the idea hit me when running along the Otava River and I couldn’t get rid of it. And you know it, when something keeps bothering you on and on, you’ve got a bee in your bonnet saying: “Do something, won’t you?”

At first, I wrote to the Mayor of the city, asking what he thinks. He kind of liked the idea. He wished me good luck, promised his patronage and said he might even run with us ˘.

And that was it, I slowly started spreading my idea, addressing partners and sponsors (well, that was something!) and although it went slowly, I somehow did it ˘. It is still in progress, I am proceeding towards my goal. The only thing I am sorry about is the fact that because of organizing everything I won’t be able to run myself.

The thing was that organizing something like this will push me to train for a 10K or 20K distance. Well, I am the Managing director of the race after all (and sometimes even of the universe), so it means that I will be ready next time, when there is a whole organizational team and I will be a feeble old lady running relay in the oldest team of the race.

I wish myself and the city and all participants to experience unusual moments within the preparatory phase as well as during the race, to overcome milestones and break records, to make friends - men or women and to run for a good feeling. Good luck to all runners, see you at the Otava River!

Jarka Králová



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Email: jaroslava.kralova@kmmp.cz